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NC State Extension

NCFS State Board

Current Board Members

Amy-Lynn Albertson

Jennifer Rosencrans

Gary Dunn

David Allen

NC Farm School State Board Meeting
Wednesday, June 13th, 2018, 10:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m.
Rowan County Extension Center, Salisbury, NC

Present: Amy-Lynn Albertson, David Allen, Pam Jones, Gary Dunn, Jennifer Rosencrans, Gary Bullen, Derek Washburn

Board mission statement draft put forward (to be approved): The NCFS board exist to represent, promote, and support the NC Farm School’s mission of increasing the number of successful and sustainable farmers in NC to preserve the future of agriculture for the next generation. The board is a key part of the NC Farm School community that will assist in providing direction to the NCFS program.

Board Membership Roles Put Forward (to be approved):

The Role of a Board Member includes but is not limited to:

  • Advocacy for NCFS initiatives
  • Ambassadors to represent NCFS to influential communities in NC
  • Conduits of key information
  • Promotion of NC Farm School events and program initiatives
  • Direction for policy changes within the program and for NC Farmers
  • Conservation of Farming as a business
  • Delivering new ideas and direction for the survival of the NCFS program
  1. NCFS board moved to implement the purpose, goals, and guidelines of board membership:
    1. A board mission statement is to written and voted on next quarter and will be added to this section of board guidelines
    2. Board members are to represent NCFS regionally where NCFS is active
    3. Nominations should be given to where NCFS is at the time of nomination and self-nominations are allowed
    4. All nominations are to be confirmed by board vote on the following meeting nominations are put forward by the board
    5. Agent positions on the board should be at least 3 no less than 2
    6. NCFS Graduate and or farmer positions should be 6 no less than 4 and 2 are to be graduates of the NCFS program when and if at all possible
    7. Board members commit to no more than 4 meetings a year to be held quarterly on the 2nd Wednesday of every quarter and meetings will be held from 10:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m.
    8. Must have 5 board members for a quorum, attendance via video or phone conferencing is acceptable
  2. Nominations for October 10 confirmations to board positions:
    1. Current board members put forward:
      1. Amy-Lynn Albertson- agent
      2. Jennifer Rosencrans- farmer graduate
      3. Gary Dunn- farmer graduate
      4. David Allen- farmer graduate
    2. New board members put forward:
      1. David Fogarty- agent
      2. Catherine Holmes- agent
      3. Kelsey Lichtenwalner- agent
      4. Grey King- farmer graduate
      5. Greg Stromberg- farmer graduate
      6. Patricia Lyons- farmer graduate
      7. Michael Everhart
      8. Tonya Taylor
      9. David Di-Loretto
      10. Harriet Edwards
      11. Joe Hampton
  3. Curriculum review was set for August 5th and 6th (dates to be confirmed) Curriculum Review Committee nominations were:
    1. MaryJac Brennan
    2. Pam Jones
    3. Jennifer Rosencrans
    4. Susan Kelly