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NC State Extension

Small Scale Budgets

If you need more information or training to make use of these budget or you have edits and errors please email us at

NC Farm School Market Garden and High Tunnel Budget

The NC Farm School Market Garden and High Tunnel Budget was designed with the small scale farmer in mind. Currently all the cost in the budget are listed based on one acre of production with multiple crops. This budget is completely adjustable according to your needs as long as you list your estimated cost of production.

NC Farm School Specialty Crop Budgets

There are some unique opportunities that North Carolina offers that can be profitable. Below we have considered some cost associated with alternative agriculture products. Let us know if you have any ideas you think we should consider.

NC Farm School Livestock Budgets

Our livestock budgets are a series of budgets designed with a consistent format. Each budget will vary according to the production differences of each animal. Each of these budgets has important budget and scale decisions listed at the top to help the grower approximate their cost. You will find active cells in these budgets where you can enter your numbers throughout.

NC Farm School Budgets with NC Choices Marketing

NC Choices and NC Farm School teamed up to provide you with budgets that match good assumptions for marking, feed cost, and farm cost. If you are interested in marketing for local meat be sure to visit the NC Choices Home Page.

More Coming Soon!!!

  • Pork Marketing Estimator
  • and more….