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NC State Extension

Who We Are…

We want to foster agricultural entrepreneurship in each region throughout the state of North Carolina to preserve farm profitability and land resources both now and in the coming generations. 


lend their understanding of sound production practices and crop management decision making as a part of this process to deliver a fully developed twenty-four-hour business curriculum over a four-month period.

Local Farmers:

host our program through field trips and the classroom to describe the challenges they faced as they started their own farms.

University Specialists:

 lend their farm management and business feasibility expertise to streamline the business start-up process for students looking to find the best match for their current land or farm.

N.C. Cooperative Extension agents, farmers, and university specialists also play a key role in advising the work of NCFS in the state and providing guidance for the program. Thes key stakeholders are represented in a formal NCFS Advisory Board with the goal of making program decisions and NCFS policy issues. They include former graduates of the program who have successfully started a farm.