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NCFS Programs

Our original NC Farm School (NCFS) program features 8 business sessions walking you step by step through your own farm feasibility. We build your skills and your business plan all at once providing professional one on one consulting to help you get to where you want to be by focusing on your mission and your goals.

2020 NC Farm School

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2019 NC Farm School

DEFS Grad Class

So you have some land and you have an idea, now want to look at one crop/animal-specific production topic at a time. Putting small farms to work lets you do just that in order to help you narrow down what might work for you from a production perspective.

Putting Small Farms to Workfarm school participant

For NCFS Students who have registered and started NCFS. We have lots of collected business material to help you on your way when you join the NCFS program. We offer it step by step so you know just what to do.

Student Portal

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