Graduate Stories: Berry Good Business

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Lis Murray endeavored to start a blueberry farm with her husband Tim. They came to NC Farm School because they knew they needed a plan to help them get started. They had not really wrapped their mind around the investment that farming represented but after going through NC Farm School they not only understood how much of an investment they were making but also how they could cover their annual expenses.

I walked away feeling better because I understood the expenses and the revenue…

Not everyone who attends NC Farm School is a beginning farmer but the Murrays really benefited from the structure of the program that allowed them to research their new farm startup. They had the encouragement of classmates, the help of local N.C. Cooperative Extension agents, and course resources.

One key resource that helped Lis was how NC Farm School checked in on her progress in business plan development and gave her the next key steps to take in order to get the farm up and running. These check-ups along with NC Farm School tools and templates helped Her succeed. NCFS tools represent a key area of research and include cost considerations and financial estimations.

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