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NC State Extension

Farmer Needs

NC Farm School piloted the program in 2014 and 2015 with a statewide launch in an effort to address farmer needs. We surveyed farmers who participated in our program all along the way to assess where they were in terms of their business needs. We found that farmers face some of the following challenges:

  • limited access to farm business resources, 80% needed confidence in finding resources
  • limited knowledge of key business principles, 86% needed information on business practices
  • the need for ongoing training/mentoring, 100% indicated a need for mentoring and said yes when asked if the NC Farm School Program should continue in their part of the state
  • the lack of confidence to create a business plan, 82% needed help to develop a business plan, that will address the barriers of starting a farm.

Key Farming Barriers We asked about:

    • access to markets, 90% wanted knowledge of marketing opportunities
    • capital Needs, 80% indicated capital cost was an area they did not have confidence in
    • financial planning, 70% indicated they needed financial planning documents