Production Practices and Business Principles for Farm Success

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One of the critical elements of Farm Success is connecting business management principles to production decisions and knowing what elements of production will limit or expand your business income. The tools you have available, such as enterprise budgets that represent real cost of production estimates, will help you to manage your resources and aim your farm business toward more income. NC Farm School is aimed at helping you build these decision making tools in a comprehensive business plan that will act as a benchmark for how you operate even in the “heat” of farm production.

Farmers that have been through NC Farm School and have started a new business emphasized how the school impacted these elements. Al and Linda Hutchison of Farm Haven in Tobaccoville, NC recognized how NC Farm School brought these elements together and said, “NC Farm School is a great way to take a profession that we love and have it be an ongoing financially stable journey.” Mike Tate(below left), who started Rebecca Knoll Farms in Kernersville, NC said NC Farm School taught him to, “plan to succeed with marketing and not to “bet the farm” by implementing good risk management.” Agents also become part of the resources that connect business principles and production practices.

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Mary Jac Brennan( above right), Commercial Horticulture agent in Forsyth County, was a critical part of Mike’s success and said, “NC Farm School empowers farmers with tools so that they can be successful.” Agents like Mary Jac become one of those tools that help connect farmers with a network of resources saving them time and money that prevents early failure in the business process. Mike made mention of Mary Jac’s (both featured in the headline image of this article) role in soil sampling, farm sizing, and being a voice of reason to share ideas with. Having information is important but having agents like Mary Jac in your corner creates a value that is hard to measure.

Below are a few helpful links that we provide our students as apart of NC Farm School that you may want to check out to help you think through your farm business. Also, come check us out in the fall to see how you can attend a school near you.

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Updated on Feb 10, 2016
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